Any users of Joomla out there?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Frequent Flyer Bonuses, Feb 11, 2011.

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    I am thinking of to updating my sites in the near future to go from hard coded HTML (using Dreamweaver) to using some sort of content management system. One that I have seen used a lot and is an easy install from my web host is Joomla. Are there any web developers here who have used it? Do you like it? Is it easy to use? Would you recommend it or some other CMS? Of course I always have the option of just staying the course with the hard coded HTML sites but adding more modern features to them. One to thing note, I am not an IT guy, programmer or anything of that sort so it needs to be relatively easy and quick to use.

    Opinions? Thoughts? Suggestions? Please let me know! Thanks in advance to all of you who reply
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    DH manages a website for a social group using Joomla. Depending on what kind of a site you run it may be just fine. The problems he had were with events. The event plugin he purchased (since the free ones didn't meet our needs) required a lot of reverse engineering on his part to get it to work. We were used to having events with 3 statuses "attending" "tentative" and "not attending" with all 3 showing up on the event page. With zCalendar it will display attending and tentative, but if you set yourself to "attending" or "tentative" and then accidentally or intentionally changed it to not attending you couldn't change to anything else for that event. The problem is that this group's primary purpose is planning and attending social events and secondary purpose is online exchange (forums).

    The forum software is nice and allows likes in the current version. The forums are fairly easy to manage as far as restricting and moderation.

    DH has played with several different chats including embedded IRC and some other chat. There are 1000 members on the site, but less than 200 active members so no one is ever actually in the chat room.

    DH is in IT, but not web development and he still managed to do a good job. His graphic designer left us with a mustard yellow design and I'm not too keen on, but it's better than anything i could do. The vast majority of his time was spend messing with the CSS in zCalendar. Everything else took maybe 20 hours to put together.

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