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Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by Photonerd71, Apr 27, 2014.

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    I see now and then a thread pops up on the UA section about a mixed trip with say a UA and LH flight and folks having a hard time getting boarding passes from one or the other airlines. I am looking to go to London in Sept and want to book it on BA's site using my AAdvantage number for mileage credit (I can book premium Econ RT from Austin for $1400 while the exact same flights on AA is over $3k WTF is this). It would be on AA metal to DFW then BA metal across the pond. Just wondering if anybody has had or know of any issues where the airlines of oneworld are not seeing the reservations.

    I would do the direct IAH-LHR but I can save $600 by going out of Austin. For that kind of cash I'll enjoy a nice drive and in-n-out burger before I fly. :)

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    Never have had issues. Quite the opposite, I've been surprised sometimes when I got BPs I wasn't expecting to get.

    Especially with the JBA between AA/BA (and AY/IB/US), it should be even more integrated.

    What did you use to compare the prices? Sounds like it may be that you searched for PE, and since AA doesn't have PE, it gave you the J price instead.

    In any case, nice find going ex-AUS.

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