Any harm booking connecting flights with two separate award tickets?

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    If both flights are on Singapore Airlines, and layover in Singapore (approximately 7 hours), is there any harm booking flight #1 on an award ticket and then flight number # on a different award ticket?

    I'm specifically looking at SQ11 and then SQ 462.

    If my first flight is delayed, will Singapore Airlines be less likely to help me get rebooked?
    Can I schedule my luggage all the way through?
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    You'll be on separate PNR's, so if you have checked luggage you'll have to claim and recheck it. Also, if anything goes wrong on the first flight you won't be protected on the second.

    However, if you are able to link the PNR's that should resolve those potential problems.
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    Same airline means the bags may be checked through. Even without that they may but that make it even more likely to work out. And a 7 hour connection is, to me, long enough to cover most potential issues. Nothing is perfect, but that would leave me reasonably comfortable.

    SQ doesn't owe you the connecting flight if things go wrong, but you have a decent chance of that one working out OK. What travel insurance options do you have?

    IME, in most cases, the concept of "linked" PNRs means there is a note added somewhere which doesn't mean anything unless the new agent both reads it AND agrees to respect it. Generally it is an irrelevant part of the reservation.
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