Any Expiring eVIP?

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  1. Hi all,

    If anyone has an eVIP that expires in the coming weeks I would gladly purchase/trade for it.

    My girlfriend will be traveling from PEK->ORD->LGA on February 21st (Flights 186 and 392) and I would absolutely love to surprise her with an upgrade to business, which without an eVIP would cost me one of my kidneys.

    I already checked and there are seats available for the eVIP to be used.

    Please PM me or post if you're interested.

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    If you had traded or purchased SWUs - particularly the latter - your girlfriend may have found herself "busted" back to coach and with some other problems or unpleasantness. AA is pretty strict about SWUs being sold, and even traded or bartered (though they do seem to allow some flexibility for the occasional trade), and have a very active AAdvantage Audits department.

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