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    Any advice on reasonable hotels or apartment rentals?
    Tips on going to Kuerherhof?
    Love the Van Gogh museum. Had fun at the Heinekin and Diamond tours. What else do you recommend?
    Would you recommend Queens Day?
    How many days would you do in Amsterdam?
    Best time to go?
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    To answer some questions quickly:
    Be a bit careful; some small hotels in old houses can be rather ratty and not terribly clean.
    Do you mean the tulip gardens? There's a thread on that somewhere on MP.
    Anne Frank House, houseboat museum, the main art museum, further museums out of town if you have time
    Don't know, but I guess most attractions would be closed.
    Depends, I've been there many times over the years. For the first time, maybe four or five days depending on jetlag.
    Summer, to enjoy the outdoor cafes and do a canal cruise, even if it's touristic. It's beautiful in snow too.
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    I like to go in Jan/Feb - the hotels are MUCH cheaper, US Airways has their off-peak awards (60k/35k), and there are fewer people (which I like). Weather is pretty mild that time of year.

    I usually stay at one of the Nh Hotels. Schiller and Tropen are my favorites. They tend to leave you alone and usually include a good breakfast spread. They can be pricey at peak times - but in the winter you can usually find one in the $75 - $85 range. In fact, last time I used the new AAdvantage Hotel booking thing and it was something like 6,000 miles per night - which I thought was a pretty good deal. Feel free to "conversation me" if you have any specific questions. Happy to help - I love AMS.
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