Anti-Valentine’s Day Main Street Deli Singles party

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  1. The majority of Hong Kong girls are independent, funny and know what they want, so who gives if you don’t have a Valentine for this year’s Valentine’s day. Main St Deli at the Langham is holding a Ladies only Valentine’s Day Party this 2011 so come February 14th it can be girls night out too. It screams I hate Valentine’s day bad but on the day as events unfold it can be fun to see how many people have said yay to this event on their facebook fanspage. It actually very hard to manage an anti-Valentine’s Day party because no one wants be seen single on Valentine’s Day and it really depends on the people that you go with or else the whole thing will be read in a different tone. Lots of girls don’t mind being single but having your status as going to a single’s party on Valentine’s day on everybody’s facebook news feed is a no in the unwritten rules of social etiquette.
    The good news is that Main St. Deli is not about men bashing but instead this anti-Valentine’s Day party is going to be an escape from having to conform to tables for two, commercialism, heart shaped balloons, roses and men (except the waiters). Girls who are having a hard time deciding whether or not to give it a try should call 2375 1133 and see if they even have space left first.
    The Monster Burger at the Langham
    You get to spend quality time with yourself and your best friends and most importantly to remain sane on this day. The scrumptious anti-Valentine’s Day set menu will include lots of girly favourites and the channels are going to be switched from the usual ESPN to cheesy chick flicks like “When Harry met Sally”, “Sex and the City”, “Pretty Woman” and “Dirty Dancing”.
    Main St. Deli at the Langham
    Even if you want to drink to your heart’s desire, Main St. Deli has concocted Martinis and Cosmopolitan cocktails for the single ladies to remaining true to the anti-Valentine’s Day motto. The anti-Valentine’s Day party is not going to be a rip off as it costs HK$388 per lady.
    Your anti-Valentine’s Day Menu includes:
    Appetizer Plate
    Mini crab cakes with Paprika Mayo
    Chicken and celery Salad with Rice Cakes with a Sweet and Sour Sauce
    Mixed Veggies with Hummus and Greek Yogurt
    Potato Salad
    Roast Organic Chicken breast with Cherry tomatoes and asparagus
    Lobster Macaroni and Cheese
    Terrayaki Salmon sprinkled with Sesame accompanied by a side of fresh Broccoli
    Garlic Prawns with Cabbage and Avocado salad.
    Garlic Prawns at Main St. Deli
    Mini puffs with chocolate sauce
    Ice Cream Sundae
    Vanilla Chocolate Lava Cake
    Mojito cake with lime icing
    Cranberry Margaritas
    Cranberry Cosmopolitan icy pops.

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