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Discussion in 'Beta Feedback [Archive]' started by kiwi, Feb 21, 2011.

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    I'm sure I'm not the only person to have noticed a proliferation of topics on the same subjects. It seems in eagerness to post stuff we find or think of, and perhaps thinking MP is so new there cannot be a post on topic x already, many (I include myself) are not searching to see if it is already posted.
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    I probably wouldn't label this "user error" but rather human inclination. If we've learned anything during our time adminstrating online communities it is that some people tend to search first, others to post first, and others to email first. And though gentle guidance or forceful prodding might lead some to change their behavior in this respect, more often it simply causes frustration.

    It is this very issue that in large part has led to the development of the "Like" approach on MP. Our hope is that, rather than telling someone who has posted a question or topic that already exists to "Do a search", members will assist the poster to find the pre-existing topic and/or simply re-answer the question and in the process pick up some likes for helping out. This is part of the friendlier approach you are all fostering.

    Another approach we are trying here is to let similar discussions exist independently, rather than merging and trying to categorize and organize the conversations. In this way we are hoping to place community building and interaction on the same level as information sharing. Though it isn't a perfect analogy, the atmosphere at MP might be likened to a cocktail party. Two groups might be discussing the same topic on opposite ends of the room, and the information shared in each conversation might be much the same - and that's ok. A host who forces these two groups to join into one larger group in an effort to prevent repetitive conversation would probably find themselves hosting a much smaller party the next go around.

    Still too soon to say if this approach has any merit, but it seems worth a shot.
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