[Answered] Any way we can give the guides a little more editing ability

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    There are some threads that can do with some editing, fixing spelling errors and merging of threads. Currently I am to understand that the guides can't do that and only the team at milepoint can do that.

    I understand that works for now because mp is still fairly small and easier to manage however as the site matures, would it not be more cost effective to have the guides relieve some of the workload from the admin team?

    We are not talking FT Moderator like powers, just to fix a few annoyances.
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    Nothing we'd like more and we are certainly working on it. If you've got a moment, let me explain that challenge and the path we have taken.
    The software platform we have adopted was in Beta when we adopted it. It's a stable release now and we know that in the near future we'll see its first release with features. Unfortunate for us is that in the initial build of the platform, there is no flexibility to the admin privileges that can be assigned for volunteers and/or moderators. Simply put is that to grant any type of volunteer such as a guide the ability to edit a thread title, they also gain access to the back end of the admin. Now, we really have nothing to hide and inherently that is not a problem. However, in doing so, these same volunteers would have access to what we consider each members private information—that is your email address, etc. For many that may be no big deal. However, we remain committed to each members privacy and while I'm sure that our Guides are all straight up volunteers and would not abuse access to this information, we have a privacy policy that I stand by and while it is an inconvenience to what we'd like to do, I'm not personally willing to budge on that issue. And believe me I do want them to help in the area you have identified. For instance, in auditing the Newbies forum, we moved 83 threads to their better defined forums within milepoint and when doing so edited the thread titles of more than 60% of them for clarity. This is a major priority of milepoint in the future and that is to use these Guides to help not just the members find answers, but to better guide a consistency of how threads are presented and that does take some editing ability.

    The software platform we are using understands the current limitation and we believe will offer more flexible solutions so that there can be that wall between your private information on milepoint and the tools that our Guides can use. If we do not see something coming, we will invest in a custom solution.

    So, bottom line, our Guides are great and want to help and we fully believe they can be of even great good here. But, I am here to walk the talk and i have said—your privacy is yours here on milepoint.

    I hope you can appreciate our stand on this issue and also know we are aware and working on a solution that does not dilute one for the other. Thanks, good question.

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