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    OK, here's an idea. Instead of giving out iPads to folks who just register, how about giving out iPads, even let's say once a week for a couple of months, to folks who have had at least 50 or so posts.

    That way you will not only get folks to come and register, but to also get into the habit of posting.

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    As always, thanks for the input.

    The original iPad2 promo was designed to simply begin getting the milepoint name out—not the end all of such. And it helped. As to giving them to those who registered, that actually was thought through. There was some thought to requiring eligible registrants to make at least one post ... but we decided against that for a simple reason—we in no way wanted to take any chance that this requirement would lead to any number of off-topic and one word posts spread throughout milepoint. And while we could have fostered a thread for that purpose, again it would have been content that would not have benefited milepoint. At least with any number of registered members we've got a chance to communicate with them as to our progress and new events and features to come.

    Hope you can appreciate our concern to not bother our current members with what possibly would have been interuptions just for the iPad2.

    And your observation about registering perked my interest so looking at the 35 winners of iPads, as a group they average 147 posts, so thanks to them. Without the Beta launch winners, the other members who won iPads still averaged 137 posts each.

    Now, as to your idea. Surely you don't think I'm done do you? We've got many things to come and all of them are designed to thank our members. Somewhat related to what you suggest is a program we call "Friends & Flyers." So look for that one soon ... and you are fairly close to what the idea is—no peeking just yet.
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