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    Well, airberlin is now officially offering status matches to those based in the US — the terms of airberlin’s status match promotion even specifically say so. Airberlin is status matching members with accounts registered in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the US.

    They seem to be matching all elite status, except status from other oneworld partner airlines. There’s no expiration date for this promotion as of now.


    Presumably if you’re matching from the lowest tier status of another airline you’d be matched to topbonus Silver, while if you’re matching from the middle or top tier status of another airline you’d be matched to topbonus Gold. They’re not matching to topbonus Platinum, which is their top tier status.

    Here’s what you have to do in order to take advantage of the status match:

    • Email with the following information:
      • Your topbonus number
      • A legible scan/photo/copy of your other valid frequent flyer card
    • Your application will be reviewed and processed by airberlin’s service team

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