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    WHAT: The inaugural oneworld MegaDo.
    WHERE: Schedule
    WHEN: January 23-28, 2012
    HOW: Commercial TATL flights, private Charter DFW-SEA-LAX

    [U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B]1/5/12:[/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U] Two new additions to the Q/A: What Time To Be Where and Boeing Tour Requirements.

    [U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B]1/4/12:[/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U] Charity fundraiser: A private dinner in First Class with the President of the AAdvantage program.

    [U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B]1/4/12:[/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U] Three more passengers clear the standby list.

    [U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B][U][B]1/1/12:[/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U][/B][/U] Charity fundraiser: 40 spots to participate in an actual Flight Academy airplane water evacuation.

    12/15/11: Q/A updated to reflect that TATL tickets WILL accrue DEQMs. More good news. We may be able to clear 2-4 additional waitlist passengers on Friday.

    12/15/11: Clear five more from the official waitlist today. Yes, there is a Santa Claus.

    12/14/11: Winner announced in the Take Randy's Seat giveaway—Milepoint member Pat89339. Congrats. AAdvantage auction closes with winning bid at 453,000 miles, with 37 bids.

    12/08/11: AAdvantage auction for two seats on the OWMD reaches 451,000 miles, with 37 bids.

    12/08/11:AAdvantage launches auction for two seats on the OWMD. Billed as the Ultimate Airline Experience, the MegaDo event gives airline aficionados a behind-the-scenes look at the airline industry and you'll get the chance to interact with airline executives and fellow enthusiasts. Plus, fly on the "official" charter flights between each city including Dallas, Seattle and Los Angeles.

    11/29/11:Today's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for financial restructuring by American Airlines will have no effect long/short term on the OWMD. The flight and program will go on as planned with American Airlines as our gracious host.

    11/18/11:AAdvantage unveils contest for someone to win two free seats on the OWMD as the official video blogger. And offers 25,000 bonus miles to five top entries.

    11/17/11:The Hyatt London Churchill property for TATL hotel stay is released for booking.

    11/16/11: Three more were cleared from waitlist today: KUS/J, GIA/L, ROB/C. We welcome asiadxer, P La Rue and Not Fade Away to the OWMD.

    11/14/11: Booking for the TATL (trans-Atlantic segments) is now open.

    11/10/11: Waitlist Cleared: DOT/H, HWA/T, BAK/V, SUC/K, CAM/M, MEI/M. Also, three upgraded from Tommy Class to First Class and three upgraded from Economy Class to Tommy Class.

    11/10/11: The Hyatt Promo Diamond trial period has been updated. Instead of running from 10/27 to 1/25, it will now run through the 31st of January to include any MegaDO stays.

    11/8/11: Hotel booking for Andaz Wall Street now available for OWMD trans-Atlantic program in New York: http://bit.ly/vXMUL7

    11/8/11: One more waitlist passenger cleared. DOT/H. Also, AAdvantage Challenge information updated to include Delta SkyMiles. Basic TATL (trans-Atlantic) segments pricing information released.

    11/7/11: One more waitlist passenger cleared. PIN/J. AAdvantage Challenge information updated to include Air Canada and Continental match.

    11/4/11: Two more waitlist passengers clear. HAR/T and WAL/G. Waitlist is not updated yet. Additional waitlist is expected to clear by Monday.

    11/3/11: First waitlist passenger clears. KOH/C (carwag25). Waitlist is updated.

    11/2/11: Attempt to acquire larger plane to accommodate demand fails.
    We've worked extremely hard with American Airlines the last few days to see if we can find a good solution to accommodate more people (bigger plane/second plane) on the OWMD.
    As you probably have read in the news, American has had a very large number of pilots retire the last two months causing problems for additional scheduling for such things as Charters which will be extremely tight in January.
    Information here.
    Upgrading to a 777 for more seats was a long shot as it's an important plane for international operations but we certainly tried our best. American has tried very hard within all its departments but unfortunately, there will not be a larger plane available or even a second plane as it will jeopardize American's operational performance. There just isn't enough crew available the month we are going.
    So what happens next? We'll be in touch with everyone on the wait list and apprize them of the current status of their waitlisted seats. Also, we have engaged a new thread format on milepoint with a Master Q/A and formal announcement thread now that we know for certainty that the MegaDo fly forward in much the same manner as the previous 3 MegaDo's.
    There is some good news: AAdvantage will have two seats for a social media campaign and two seats they will be auctioning off in an AAdvantage mileage auction—so there is still a chance for others to join the OWMD.
    It is certain that both American, AAdvantage, and the organizers of the OWMD as well as other partners and sponsors tried as hard as possible to make this extraordinary experience available to more people. It does set up a positive scenario for future MegaDo's that oneworld is a very popular airline Alliance and there are many who want to hear more about the oneworld Alliance and its partners and leaders.

    10/31/11: Hover map of seat assignments completed. Hover or Visual.

    10/28/11: Official waitlist of overbooked seats is posted.

    10/27/11: OWMD sells out in 17 minutes from launch of public booking.

    10/26/11: 24-hour booking notice given to Launch Party participants.

    10/9/11: Launch Party held at Andaz West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Schedule unveiled along with AAdvantage Promo and Hyatt Gold Passport Promo.
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