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    Before we get a Wiki, I thought I’d start by making a FAQ here. If you have any suggestions to add or amendment to this FAQ, please reply here rather than in this thread please.

    Links to basic information

    ANA Mileage Bank homepage

    ANA Mileage Accrual

    Premium Point information

    ANA Elite Status and Benefits

    ANA Award Redemption

    ANA Elite Promos 2012

    Narita Lounge discussion

    Haneda Lounge discussion

    FAQ (full ANA FAQ here)


    Do miles expire?

    Miles are valid for 36 months from the month in which you earned them unless you achieve AMC Diamond during that period your points expiry is suspended. You can view your expiring miles online once you log in to AMC.

    How do I claim for miles after my flight?

    Links to the different retroactive forms are as follows but note that it has to be claimed within six months of the flight
    ANA domestic flight
    ANA international flight
    Partner airline flight

    Using miles

    Can I buy miles?

    You cannot outright buy miles. The best suggestions to accumulate miles quickly aside from any promotions on at the time, is to stay at a branded hotel (SPG, Hilton, ANA Hotel etc) which normally earns 500 miles per stay.

    What are Lifetime Miles and is this important?

    This is your current total flight miles since you joined AMC. Currently this counter is not being used for anything apart from to show your total life time miles.

    Making bookings

    How do I make a booking for ANA domestically?

    You can general only book up to 60 days in advance unless there are specific sales on and most of these are only accessible via the Japanese language site. In spite of what some might tell you can book online even if you reside outside of Japan. You must change the country to Japan and then English. You will be required to pay in Yen and enter a contact phone number which I would recommend you put as a friends or hotels number. This is not all that important and should not deter you from booking as you will save a lot by booking direct than booking through a travel agent.

    Can I choose exit seats?

    You are free to choose these are the time of booking and generally Japanese people avoid these seats so you should have no problems choosing them domestically.

    ANA Region Japan only questions

    I keep getting rejected when I apply for a credit card, how do I get one?

    There are a number of places to get information on this including quite a large discussion on this here . General FAQ can be found here

    What is 携帯認証サービス (AMC number remember service) and how do I use it?

    This service is only accessible in Japanese found in your profile settings allows you to set one phone to automatically be assigned to your profile so when you phone from that specific mobile phone number you do not have to enter your ANA mileage number in instead it will skip straight to asking for your pin.

    What is フレックストラベラー制度 (flex travel) ?

    This service is only accessible in Japanese found in your profile settings gives you the option of oping to be bumped off a Domestic ANA flight due to oversell for better compensation than those offering when they require it at boarding gate. More information about this can be found in Japanese here The biggest benefit is as an AMC member you get miles and money rather than just money.

    Premium Points and elite status

    How and when do I earn Premium points?

    You earn Premium Points on all ANA flights and on eligible Star Alliance/Partner flights and a full list of accrual rates can be found here.

    Once I cross over the threshold for each elite status, how long until I get that status?

    Provided it is before December and after February then you will receive your new advanced status a month after achieving it. During December and February you will have to wait until April to get the new status again applying the rule that you receive the status a month after you achieve it.

    Example is below taken from here


    What is the earliest date in the year I can become an elite member?

    If you earn more than 30,000 premium points from scratch from the 1st of January, the earliest possible time your status will change is mid way through April with your welcome kit arriving towards the end of April for Advance Service to begin. You can start enjoying all benefits with ANA group from mid April but will struggle with partners especially with lounge access until the elite card arrives.

    If I live in Japan will my elite kit be in Japanese?

    Not unless you have a Japanese name. They do have a English welcome kit which is very similar to the Japanese one.

    What will my elite welcome kit contain?

    It will have a handbook on elite benefits, the card, welcome letter and details about ANA's Global Assistance. There are not luggage tags supplied as part of your welcome kit however you can get luggage tags (2) by applying for Super Flyers Club.

    How do I apply for the Super Flyers Card and what do I have to do to get one?

    This is only available to those living and working in Japan. If you already have an ANA credit card changing your credit card over once you have reached either ANA Platinum or Diamond is a breeze taking 3 weeks. If you do not hold an ANA credit card then you need to fill out a bit more paperwork and wait a little longer (4 weeks). If you do have a JCB ANA branded credit card know that if you opted for Okidoki points, your Star Members status will transfer to the new card. Please also note due to a recent Japanese Law change, if you change from an existing ANA card to SFC card, you must undertake a new examination of your credit history as if you are applying for a new credit card which means your credit limits will most likely change. This may or may not work in your favour.

    Either way, you must ring up AMC and request an application be sent to you. Application only comes in Japanese.

    Can I get replacement Super Flyers Luggage tags?

    At first you are supplied with two luggage tags and reports with indicate you can ring up and request more if you lose them.

    Where can I find the phone number for elite numbers?

    On the back of your AMC card or log on ANA website and find a link to the numbers beside your account balance.

    Do I get any gifts for being an elite member?

    ANA Diamond get a nice gift every year that varies and ANA Platinums get extra desk dairy too. Super Flyers Club members every year get the choice between either a desk or wall calendar and a diary or 500 miles. Platinum and Diamond also get the choice of a desk planner and calendar which is not available for the advance service year.

    What is Premium Traveller?

    Premium Traveller is an online suido magazine set up for elite members. It is only available in Japanese and features a TV section, news, quiz and travel/fashion guide. More information can be found here

    What is ANA Global Assistance?

    This is a concierge service offered to Super Flyer Club, Platinum and Diamond elites. It is run by White Concierge and you will receive a benefits booklet when you get your welcome kit. It basically offered all the services you would expect from a concierge service such as making bookings at hotels/airlines, health advice and providing assistance in emergencies plus better rates and miles for Travelex currency conversions.
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    Updated. 27/4
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    Make sure you update your password. ANA is moving from a pin to full password to increase security. You need to update this online by December 3rd, 2014.

    Basic instructions are:

    8 to 16 alphanumeric characters in length
    (both uppercase and lowercase are allowed)

    * Alphabet and number must be included. (There is no limitation for
    using capital or small letter)

    Current AMC Password (4-digit number) can still be used
    during the transition period which is until December 3, 2014,
    but from December 4, 2014 onward, only the Web Password
    will be valid (*).

    (*)The AMC Passwords are still required in the following cases,

    ・When contacting the ANA Reservation Center, ANA Mileage Club
    Service Center and other ANA service desks.

    ・When you operate ANA Sky Kiosks at airports, etc.

    It's easy to do just log in and you'll get a warning page. Click the don't show in the future box and "continue". It should prompt you to set up a new password. If you don't get that part you have either already updated it or you need to check your profile settings and update it there.
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    Never mind if I select waitlist I see the full balance charged for business class.

    If one business class seat is open what is there a chance that of booking one seat will result in another one opening?

    If I was to waitlist for an award do the points need to be in my ANA account? i.e. say I transfer enough UR points to get a coach ticket, can I waitlist for business class without the points?

    (I wouldn't want to proactively transfer them if the waitlist doesn't clear.)
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