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    There is a long list of airport hotels at MSP, including virtually every chain and extended stay options. There is no hotel located in either terminal or, in fact, on airport property. Most but not all airport hotels offer free shuttle service to/from the terminals and to/from the Mall of America (MOA), which is located almost adjacent to the airport, roughly at the intersection of route 77 and I-494. Both terminals and the MOA have light rail stations, with service to downtown Minneapolis.

    Needless to say, I'm not familiar with all or even most of the airport hotels. There are local information booklets available at airport information desks that include hotel lists, contact information, and brief descriptions written by the hotels themselves. In the baggage area, there are direct telephones to some of these hotels. Most useful is the magazine format booklet for Bloomington if you can find it,a s it contains a detailed map showing the locations of many airport hotels, although not necessarily all of the closest ones. (See below.) There is also a grey and blue free map of Bloomington distributed at the airport, which also shows detailed location and access information for many of these hotels.

    Be aware that many airport hotel lists display first all of the hotels technically located in Bloomington, the locality containing the hotel. However, some of these hotels can be about 8 miles from the airport, while others that are technically located in Richfield, Eagen Prairie, and Edina can be much closer than certain Bloomington Hotels.

    For many people, the best location is a hotel located very close to the MOA, which in addition to a huge collection of retail stores contains a bunch of varied restaurants at different price points, an indoor amusement park, an aquarium (IMO almost as good as Atlanta, Long Beach, Monterrey, etc. although it's indoors and doesn't have the same level of educational and conservation activities), and about a dozen movie theaters. There's also a separate IKEA containing an inexpensive Swedish restaurant with limited hours. Except for fast food, there aren't many restaurants in the area that aren't in airport hotels.

    Several airport hotels include or are connected to water parks. These generally aren't good at all for adults or for swimming and might require expensive tickets to enter if not included explicitly in the room rate. The same is true for the two Marriott-family Depot hotels downtown, which only have a shared water park and not a pool.

    My picks for more upscale airport hotels would be the LeBourget AeroSuites on I-494 close to Best Buy headquarters (with airport shuttle service) and the Westin Edina Galleria, which is connected to an upscale mall with restaurants and also across the parking lot from Southdale Mall's restaurant row. There's also a Target Superstore and a large Walgreen's drug store across the street. I don't think the Westin has an airport shuttle as it's not really meant to serve as an airport hotel.

    Another option is to take the light rail line from the basement of the airport to downtown instead of staying in an airport hotel. Within a few blocks of a light rail station one can find aloft, Residence Inn by Marriott (two of them, downtown and at the Depot), Renaissance at the Depot, Doubletree Hotel Minneapolis, W, Westin, Marriott, the Grand (independent boutique hotel), Crowne Plaza Northstar, the Marquette (Hilton), and Radisson Plaza. Many of these are on the skyway system, with indoor paths to stores, restaurants, bars, and entertainment.

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