An inside look Into private jet travel

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    Flying high

    Flight delays, crammed fuselages, overbooked passengers and screaming children are enough to wear away the resolve of even the most intrepid traveler. For those travelers who have a little bit of spare change in their pockets, a private jet may be the answer they are looking for.

    Space, comfort and time

    "New planes cost anywhere from $1.5 to over $50 million."

    Private jets truly boast some impressive amenities for their riders, including the space and ease that most travelers long for as they curl up for a nap with their faces pressed firmly against the stranger sitting next to them. Travelers who book commercial flights are largely at the mercy of airlines and security teams at the airport. And once commercial travelers make it into the airplane, they must contend with the unpleasant packing of a carry-on bag into a tiny space and the awkward dance of stepping over a sleeping passenger in order to make it to the restroom. Not so with a private jet. Flights are scheduled when they are convenient to the passengers, and there is no need to jam a carry-on bag into an overhead compartment because there is plenty of storage space for most pieces of luggage. Furthermore, even small jets have ample leg room for all passengers, and the larger planes often have room for full-size beds.

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    Just in case you might think of buying one. Just remember the inviolable rule:

    Do you want to make a small fortune?
    Easy, start with a large one and buy an executive jet.

    That is true.
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