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    Occasionally a person at a hotel front desk will say something that is completely amusing...

    Tonight, after a five hour drive, I checked in and asked (as I always do) where for the name of a good local place to eat dinner. His reply? Applebees. After a few moments of trying to explain what "local" meant, I had to give up.

    As a Buckeye fan, I'm now thinking "Oh well, I AM in ann arbor. I shouldnt expect much." :)
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    Maybe if you hadn't had a coach Jim T for President shirt on you might have gotten a better recommendation.

    BTW, your team lost to the one from up here today -- in outdoor hockey this time


    To be serious for a moment, there is an Applebee's about 5 minutes from this facility. There are some great places to eat a bit (any pun intended!) in downtown Ann Arbor. What the OP should have done is asked for a list of them.

    Bob H
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