Amtrak speeds up its Wi-Fi

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    Amtrak speeds up its Wi-Fi

    May 21st 2013, 14:06 by N.B. | WASHINGTON, D.C.
    WI-FI beggars can't be choosers. The wireless internet provided by Amtrak, America's government-subsidised interstate passenger railway, is slow, unreliable and often infuriating. But unlike slow, unreliable and often infuriating in-flight Wi-Fi, at least Amtrak's service is free. And it is getting better: the company appears to have heard the "silent, hash-tagged screams." Last week, Amtrak announced that it was upgrading the cellular-based wireless internet throughout its fleet to run on 4G technology. Passengers still won't be able to watch streaming video, listen to internet radio, or download more than 10 MB at a time. But the service will, at least, be a bit faster and more reliable.

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