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    Noob in need of help here. I applied for and was approved for the AMEX business card in late June I believe. I have a $5500 business expense that is coming due and was banking on it to achieve the $10k in the first 4 months. I find out today they only take Visa and Mastercard. I am going to contact them tomorrow and see if they will accept the AMEX, but if not, is there a way around this? I am thinking of maybe loading a prepaid visa with the AMEX and then paying with the loaded VISA, but I don't know if this is possible.

    Any other suggestions?

    Also, since I'm posting, do you have to wait 90 days before applying for new cards? What if I just am applying for 1 card rather than doing several? Thanks for the help from a noob.

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    Unfortunately, prepaid cards can only be loaded from a bank account or other liquid funds (that's why they are "prepaid"). If you're desperate to make the required spending and the bonus is worth it, you can use your AmEx with a payment processor (e.g. PayPal) -- even ask a friend or family member to accept a sham payment, then have it refunded minus the fee (~3%).
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    Welcome to Milepoint. You do not have to wait 90 days to apply for another card. Most people who are churning for miles will get three cards every 90 days. The paypal suggestion from M7VO was excellent. You can also buy something with your Amex card just before the deadline for your spend. If you return it for a refund after your bonus points have posted, you will have the bonus points in your account. You will have to ultimately spend the money or they will debit the amount of return points from your account.
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    This isn't true, or at least if it is someone should alert this guy. You can buy gift cards or Vanilla reloads at multiple places using a credit card. You have to find a willing merchant, but many, many people have found outlets. In essence, you're shifting your consumption forward by buying cards to use later. The OP's best bet in this case is to see if his vendor will accept multiple large-denomination payments (using $100 or $500 Visa gift cards) or Visa gift cards, given that the only currently reliable way to load Vanilla supplements is onto another Amex.

    This is true, but risky. People report having their accounts shut down over this method.
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