AMEX Premium Car Rental Protection

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    This is not the standard coverage but if you call 800/338-1670 you can sign up for Premium Protection for FREE. You will be charged $24.95 PER RENTAL not per day. It is charged automatically on returning your vehicle. I had to use this for the first time when my rental was in a hit and run when parked on the street. The service was swift, friendly and perfect in every way. I had a police report when returning the car and called AMEX from the rental agency. They took over from there and handled everything. Even when the car company tried to charge me for loss of use. They dealt directly with the company and I forwarded them any emails without replying. The whole affair was taken care of in 3 weeks with no cost to me. Also no increase in my personal car insurance. Everyone should have this if for nothing else to save money on rental car insurance. I had a friend that didn't and relied on his personal insurance and after 6 months had to pay over $2,000 out of pocket, an increase in his premium and it's still not over. they are claiming loss of revenue.
    AMEX Premium Car Rental Protection,,,Don't leave home without it!!!
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