Amex MR points and US-Paris flights

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    This morning, I got into a points discussion with my personal trainer. He knew nothing about the miles/points game and wondered whether he already had points he didn't know about. I asked what cards he uses -- and it turns out he and his partner have been putting all of their spending on Amex Green cards since 1989! (They've been paying the annual fee for over 20 years and didn't even know about MR points; they paid the fee for purchase protection and travel insurance.)

    I don't know how the MR system has changed over the years, but assuming it hasn't, and assuming a (conservative) monthly spend of $3000 between the two of them, they probably have at least 850,000 MR points just hanging out?!

    My trainer was super excited to hear this and wants to redeem for plane tickets (business-class+) for him and his partner for their trip to Paris in June. (They've already booked & paid for the accommodations for the trip.) I haven't done any award booking myself yet, so can anyone help me point him in the right direction for this redemption? It seems pretty easy for an inexperienced person to make a bad redemption decision, and I'd hate for 20+ years worth of Amex points to be wasted.
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    Before you get him too excited I'd check that he is actually getting MR points. It may have required an opt it.
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    He needs to check to see if he is actually enrolled in Membership Rewards. When I first received the Green card, I do not remember MR existing at that time. I did enroll in the late '90's after doing the math about the fees.

    If they are not enrolled, they could send a SM asking if they would be given some points for enrolling, but the points will probably be minimal. My parents were offered 5,000 points for enrolling in MR, which they declined.
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