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Discussion in 'Hilton | Honors' started by s879, Jun 25, 2016.

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    We are in the UK. My husband has an AMEX Gold and I want to transfer points to HHonor card in my name. It's been rejected as name is different although I am a supplementary card holder. Supplementary cards don't count, we have been told. I was reading on some forums that if you add an authorised user to your amex card, you can transfer to loyalty programs in their name. The websites seem non-UK, mainly American but has anyone tried that for amex gold in the UK?

    My issue is I have some points in my HH and with Amex points going in my husband's card I won't have enough to book 4 for 5 through his card.
    If all the above is not possible, is there ANY other way I can get his points to my HHonors through some other partner.

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