Amex Euro charge card: the benefits

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    Dear all

    I've done a fairly lengthy piece on the Amex Euro charge card. If you're interested in getting this, feel free to have a look.

    While my post is Malta-focused, the points made largely apply throughout Europe. In short, if you're in a European country where the local "credit card rewards" are paltry, this is well worth a look as it gets you into the globally competitive Membership Rewards scheme.

    One key point not mentioned in my post (as it wasn't relevant to Malta) is that if you have another currency Amex (e.g. I have the GBP Gold Amex, but this would equally apply to a USD card) then once a year you can transfer your MR reward points from your Euro MR account to your "other currency" MR account. The benefits of this are twofold: as well as consolidating all your MR points in one place for redemption purposes, you can also benefit from a potentially better redemption rate.

    By way of example, you can redeem 3 MR points for 2 Avios on the Euro card MR scheme, while you can get a rate of 1:1 on the GBP MR scheme. So where I'm converting MR points to Avios, it makes clear sense for me to transfer the MR points across to my GBP account first.

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