AMEX Delta Platinum + AMEX Platinum or AMEX Delta Reserve

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What card combination should I keep?

  1. AMEX Delta Platinum + AMEX Platinum

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  2. AMEX Delta Reserve

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    Hey everyone. I am having a dilemma, and was hoping you all could provide another perspective.

    I currently have the AMEX Delta Platinum ($195AF) and AMEX Platinum ($450AF). I am thinking about trading them both in on the AMEX Delta Reserve ($450AF).

    My travel habits:
    I travel exclusively Delta now, and all of my paid flights are for business purposes, but I have to use my AMEX Corporate Card. I cannot book flights on my personal cards. I travel enough to qualify for Silver but not quite for gold.

    My spending and current card use:
    I currently put all my spend on the AMEX Delta Platinum and can hit the $25K threshold for the 10K MQM and bonus miles, which push me to Gold status and give me a bit of rollover.

    I don't put any spend on the AMEX Platinum, but use it for:
    - $200 on United that I use for the MileagePlus X app
    - for roadside assistance
    - for access to delta lounges
    - for access to Centurion lounges (my travel habits have only taken me to the vegas lounge 3x a year or so)

    My Dilemma:

    If I got the AMEX Delta Reserve I would drop the AMEX Delta Platinum, but even then its hard to justify having 2 $450AF Cards. So I would more than likely drop the AMEX Platinum card too.

    I can justify pairing the AMEX Delta Platinum and the AMEX Platinum cards for the Delta club access and the $200 mileage plus "credit" pays the AF for the Delta Platinum card.

    The AMEX offers have really seemed to drop off for me, which is disappointing.... I was hoping that would help the decision to keep more cards.

    This really started with the notificiation that Delta Reserve Cardholders are 3rd on the upgrade priority list. I asked Delta on Twitter if the ticket had to be booked on the Reserve card, and they didn't believe so.

    So, here is the question..... As Medallion Status and Fare Class Groupings are 1 and 2 on the upgrade priority list, do you think that having the Reserve card will increase my chances of an upgrade all that much? As a gold member, I am usually upgraded on 1 or 2 of 4 segments (home base is HSV and fly through ATL mostly) and there have maybe been 1 or 2 times that I haven't been able to get Delta Comfort.

    Thanks again everyone.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I have learned a lot of new things here.

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