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    We recently hired one of my church members whose been unemployed for over 2 years. All of our employees receive company American Express cards. My church member, new employee, filed bankruptcy and discharged over $25K of AmEx debt. If you are a previous cardmember who discharged AmEx debt or are on the charge off list you are ineligible to become a AmEx cardmember until you satisfy your previous debt.

    When we added him to our corporate card account we advised AmEx he was not a US citizen and did not possess a SSN. AmEx sent us a card in his name.

    My questions are:

    (1) Is there any way AmEx will find out he is really a US citizen and former cardmember?

    (2) Which countries do or do not have identifying numbers like SSN?

    (3) Which countries do or do not permit credit files for citizens?

    (4) Can you report KIVA loans on credit files in 4N countries?

    Thank you.
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