Amex Canadian Gold card with 20k bonus and first year free

Discussion in 'American Express | Membership Rewards' started by player, Sep 9, 2012.

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    There's a great deal out now for the amex canada gold premium reward personal charge card which comes with 20,000 points after $500 of spending with first year annual fee waived, PM me if you would you like me to send you a link for this deal.
    theres also a spg sign up bonus of 16,000 points with annual fee,
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    I am looking for AMEX Canada SPG deal such as no annual fee for the first year. Any link or code you can send to me?

    Many thanks
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    Like I posted before, for Amex, there are several offers TPG has in his "Top Deals" section. If you scroll way down you'll find Amex offers for Canadians.

    If having access to airport lounges is important to you, then take a look at the Platinum cards. I know I'm glad I did. ;)

    Sadly, though, there wasn't any offer for SPG when I checked. I remember reading one for 21K, though, but it isn't posted with the others from Amex. Anyway, the 21K offer did have annual fees, as far as I can remember. If you'd like to find that offer for 21K, there is a member here on MilePoint who has a reference link for that. His/her ID was Deal2020. I'm sure he/she'll be happy to refer you for Amex SPG.

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