American Miles on sale - bonus of up to 60,000 for 100,000 purchased

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    So, I'm a recent swichover from US this a good deal on points when purchasing? With US Air, I seemed to be around 2 cents a mile, buying 50,000 miles and getting 50,000 miles for about $2000 with tax etc. This looks really good at 2 cents a mile, normally it seems to be about closer to 3 cents a mile. Do these happen often, or should someone looking for miles jump on it?
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    This isn't a bad deal if you need the miles. US Air used to sell 100k for about $1850 ish on a regular basis. This new offer is fairly cheap if you have specific use like a business or first class award plan. But not cheap enough to buy on speculation or to use domestically. It cost about $2050 ish for 110k.
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    These happen often before devaluations, although can not reliably predict when one might happen. But if someone already has a trip in mind, now would be a good time to unload their existing miles.
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