American Finally Did it, Status Matches (not Challenges!) to UA Elites

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    Free Status Matches to UA Elites.

    Not sure if it's kosher to link to TOBB, but here's a paste.

    Thanks for speaking with me about a special opportunity to obtain American Airlines AAdvantage® elite status without meeting the standard qualification requirements. In order to proceed, please provide us with documentation reflecting the Premier level that you hold with United Airlines.
    Please send us the following documentation. Simply "Reply" to this message, and for prompt service, do not change the subject line:
    • A copy of your dated elite membership card reflecting your name and Premier status level for the 2012 Membership Year (.pdf, .tif, .jpeg, .bmp formats, not to exceed 1MB)
    • Alternatively, you could send a copy or screen shot of your most recent account summary, reflecting your name and Premier status level (.pdf, .tif, .jpeg, .bmp formats, not to exceed 1MB)
    • Your AAdvantage number and phone number
    Alternatively, you may FAX copies of your documentation to (817)963-7882. Be sure to include your AAdvantage number and phone number and the Subject Line: Requesting AAdvantage Elite Status. Please do not send both an email and a FAX.
    Once your documentation is accepted, you will receive an email within10 days confirming your new AAdvantage elite status, which will be valid through February 28, 2013. Your credentials will follow in 3-5 weeks. Please note the following status equivalents:
    • AAdvantage Gold® membership for Premier Silver
    • AAdvantage Platinum® membership for Premier Gold or Premier Platinum
    • AAdvantage Executive Platinum® membership for Premier 1K
    We look forward to welcoming you aboard your next American Airlines flight and await your reply.

    Seems like I should just wait until I hit 1K and consider Status Matching over; although bit of a shame that it ends in Feb.
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