American Express Selects Program IHG 20% Discount

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  1. I just stumbled across the Amex selects program, hadn't seen it before, I have been up to now booking IHG stays through bonus mall for the 4 amex points per $ spent.

    Some members may find it a worthwhile avenue for booking stays, not sure if the 20% discount is off the best flexible rate or advanced purchase.

    I think the offer is conditional upon booking the advance purchase rate.
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    T&Cs suggest the "20% off rate" is the Advanced purchase rate. There doesn't appear to be any pricing benefit to holding an AMEX beyond the points per dollar for booking though AMEX sure suggests there is.
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    That could work out pretty darn well.
  4. Exiled in Express, if it is conditional upon booking the adv purchase rate, like you stated there is no pricing/discount benefit, then using points mall and earning additional 3 points per $ spent would represent better value.

    I don't quite get the representation that it's a 20% discount from the best available rates, then conditional upon booking the adv purchase which is 20% disc to the best available?

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