American and USAir merging schedules this weekend

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by flynhwn, Aug 9, 2014.

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    USAir and American reservation systems are being merged this weekend. We have been on the line with American trying to make mileage reservations that the system shows but will not confirm. Reservations is having the same problem. They are going to book us on everything except the last leg and enter a star file so that we can call later and have it inserted free of charge. This might be a good time to book when flights at lower levels are showing as available, even if you have to also call in later for connections.
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    I've been having a nightmare with AA award reservations over the past couple of weeks. The AA agents are mostly wonderful, and try to accomodate my requests as much as they can. The itin then goes for review to a supervisor (US?) and they cancel it the following day. I talked to one sup and his reasons seemed mean and illogical. Even the AA agent commented that he couldn't figure out what was his problem with my itin. I had to agree to a really painful and inconvenient route before they agreed to approve it.

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