American and the rest of the airline industry wants you to know, whatever it is, they are sorry

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    The airlines are surely winning the George Orwell awards (not just the Freddys), so let us award them our nation’s highest award for Most Insincerely Sorry Industry. When you call, an electronic voice tells you sorry for the wait time. On social media, they are sorry, sorry, sorry the flight was delayed, flights misconnected, they cancelled at the last minute, you missed your cruise. Sorry that a few snowflakes stranded you because the next available flight is in 72 hours-capacity discipline and all that. They are sorry that there are no waivers, no favors. Sorry their planes are packed, and very sorry to hear that the three quarters of an hour boarding time creates angst for you. Sorry they closed the door early and you didn’t make it on. Sorry that the boarding areas look like a post hurricane street in many airports. They are sorry their schedules are inconvenient, and truly sorry that whatever you called for they can’t help you with. They are sorry for the ground delays they create by closing hubs and jamming all flights into a smaller number of airports at times that work mostly for them. They are sorry that it appears they are colluding with each other, not competing. They are sorry you must remain belted in for upwards of an hour while FA’s sell potato chips. They are sorry that their email complaint system is a total waste of time, sorry they raised redemption rates sky high, sorry to hear that you view their new frequent flyer programs as worthless and that a whole generation of young people will never get the travel rewards that allowed their parents to see the world. Sorry about the extra rows they jammed in and the lavs they ripped out. Sorry to hear you are threatening to take your business from them and switch to another even worse choice. Does that cover it all? If not, they are-let them emphasize, sorry, so very sincerely sorry, for that also.
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    When was your last time on a trip>.., it is often best to stay home, in your Safe Zone...
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