American Airlines to put larger regional jets into Miami, reduce Envoy Air operations there

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    American Airlines plans to deploy 76-seat regional jets into its Miami hub and reduce the number of 50-seat jets there. The move and other changes have a number of implications for Envoy Air, the regional carrier owned by American and formerly named American Eagle Airlines.

    Here’s what is spelled out in a letter sent to Envoy employees Friday morning by its president and CEO, Pedro Fábregas:

    – Envoy will reduce its operations of 50-seat Embraer EMB-145 airplanes in Miami from 23 aircraft flying 60 departures a day to 12 aircraft flying 37 departures a day.

    – The surplus EMB-145s will be sent elsewhere “to backfill Envoy flying in other locations, covering the planned retirement of 44-seat EMB-140 aircraft.”

    – Envoy will close its Miami base for flight attendants and pilots between January and april 2015.

    – Envoy’s flying in Miami will be handled by pilots and flight attendants based in Dallas/Fort Worth.

    – No furloughs are planned, but there will be displacements due to the base closings.

    – Since the 76-seat Embraers 175s are larger than the EMB-145s they’re replacing by 26 seats, Envoy will add ground employees to handle the larger passenger loads.

    – Envoy will no longer have maintenance hangar space at Miami because parent American needs more space for wide-body maintenance. Work that has been done in the Miami hangar will shift elsewhere.

    – In all, Fábregas expects there’ll be 50 fewer Envoy jobs there “among all of the impacted departments in MIA, including maintenance, management and support staff.”

    “It is up to all of us to stay focused, believe in our future at Envoy and adapt to these changes in a way that makes long-term sense for our employees and company,” Fábregas said in his letter. “We serve American’s customers well and we must continue to provide the same outstanding service that will convince American that Envoy is their best choice, now and in the future. If we work together toward this common goal, I know we will succeed.”

    American issued this statement following the Fábregas letter:

    American is redeploying a number of 50-seat aircraft from Miami to other markets. Up-gauging to larger regional jet service in Miami will provide customers there with a premium two-class regional product in this highly competitive market. These 76-seat aircraft allow us to serve more customers and generate more revenue in the newly re-banked Miami hub.

    American is boosting the number of Embraer 175s flying as American Eagle, but none of the planes has gone to Envoy. American management has insisted on contractual changes as a condition for Envoy’s getting the 175s, and Envoy’s pilots have not agreed to those changes.
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    What they don't tell the customers is that American forced wholly-owned Envoy (Eagle) to make these cuts so that another regional airline can fly these 76 seater jets.

    Oh and American shifted the CRJ-700s from Envoy to another wholly-owned subsidiary PSA Airlines. Inc to "improve synergies and reduce operating costs".
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    Right, because Envoy's pilot union balked at the opportunity to approve a contract which would include those jobs. Another group of pilots was willing to work at those rates so they get the work.
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    Fingers crossed that MIA-ORF is upgraded to E-175's.

    800+ miles in an ERJ isn't as awful as 800 miles in a CR2, but it would be nice to have a plane with an F cabin on the aforementioned route.
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    I would love to see them bring back to MIA to RSW leg with 2 cabin planes. Yay bigger planes!!

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