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    I am a member of the AA program and earning miles as i go. I was going to sign up for the AA credit card and earn faster however there is talk about the us air purchase of American. i also have points on us air however i live in dallas and they dont service here as well as american. i unfortunately started spliting my miles in the beginning of my travels and right now i am not sure what to do. Any experiance with airline buyouts etc...
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    First and foremost, welcome to Milepoint and we're very happy you found this forum.

    At this point you have no worries and I'd suggest you're safe to acquire the AA credit card if that is your choice. In most (but not all) prior situations similar, both programs honored all their miles and later both were merged together. However, there's a lot of talk right now and it could be awhile and it might never happen. We totally understand the splitting of miles but AA is a popular choice there in Dallas.

    I would not make a decision based on the assumption that these two airlines will merge — make your best decision from advice here on Milepoint and go with it just as the two airlines are now. My sense of your situation and interest is to suggest finding the best bonus offer for the AA credit card. There's a few AA experts here and I know one or more of them will guide you to the best AA card right now.
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    Welcome to milepoint. There were several offers recently offering 50,000 bonus miles to sign up for a Citibank card that earns AA miles. I think you can find them if you look through the forums or even do a google search. It is best to sign up for two on the same day as that will only show up as one inquiry on your credit report.

    In the recent past when airlines have merged, they've combined the miles in the accounts. That would probably happen if the two airlines merge, but I wouldn't lose any sleep thinking about that at the moment.

    I personally think it highly unlikely to see US and American merge, but one never knows.

    In the meantime it sounds like you need to accumulate AA miles and the Citibank cards are one of the best ways to do so.

    If you have elite status with another airline, you may be able to get American to match that status. They have recently sent out offers to elites with United.

    Best of luck in your endeavors.
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    Right now, US Air is Star Alliance and AA is One World. It is not necessarily a bad thing to have accounts in different alliances; it adds to flexibility and it is a way to earn on unexpected flight changes, since you have an account on the other alliance you can dump miles into.

    For example, say you're booked on a US Air flight and it is cancelled or overbooked and they shift you to a Delta flight. You'll be able to get original routing miles with US Air (based on what you *would have* earned if the flight had gone as scheduled), and also SkyTeam alliance miles on Delta for the flight you actually took -- you normally cannot get that kind of double credit within the same alliance (if you got bumped off of a US Air flight and put on a United flight, you'd normally only be able to earn in either United or US Air accounts but not both).

    Or say you're flying a route that your usual carrier doesn't fly and you can't get on an alliance partner. With a membership in the program of a member of a different alliance, you can fly with that alliance and still collect miles.

    Moreover, having miles in different alliances inceases your flexibility for award redemption.

    So "splitting miles" is not always bad -- just keep in mind which is your "primary" account and try to keep that one earning, unless you need to "top up" in the other account to redeem an award.
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    Welcome to MP!

    I would not concern yourself too much with the talk of US and AA merging. Even if it occurs, which I doubt, it is a ways off and will likely improve the usefulness of your US and AA miles. As noted above, there are currently 50K offers on the Citi AA Personal cards and Business cards. If you can make the spend ($3000 per card I think), you could rack up around 160K AA miles in a few months with these cards, assuming the offers last and you can get approved and meet the spend. There are also others ways to get lots of AA miles if you need them.

    As has also been mentioned, having miles in multiple alliances is often useful. As an example, I am flying 5 people to Europe next May using AA miles going over and UA miles coming back. AA/OW availability to Europe is pretty good but often there is far less on the return to the US. If you have miles in different alliances it multiplies your options and dramatically increases the possibility of finding the flights you need at the lowest award levels.


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