American Airlines is presenting "The Individual" at the UK website. What else is out there?

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    Want to travel American Airlines withoujt leaving your home? When you visit the different versions of American Airlines website, targeted to different countries, it is interesting to see the different marketing offers. What you see displayed on your computer screen in the United States could be completey different using your computer with your computer set to the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan or Australia. Try it. You can change your country setting at by clicking here:

    You can also view what American Airlines is offering in each country. On the top of the page at, select the flag of the country you want and set the language preference you desire.

    As you surf the global websites, you find something uniqueto a specific country such as a contest or special frequent flyer benefit, please post your findings on this thread. Please post the URL aud let us know how you navigated to that web page.

    To get everyone started, here are some examples:
    When you visit the United Kingdom version of at
    American Airlines wants you to view a video titled "The Individual"
    Here is a link to the video:

    If you live in the United Kingdom, you can also enter the contest for a trip to Los Angeles
    Enter the contest here:,TW&skw=&tc=microsite&pp=
    American Airlines is not marketing a trip to Los Angeles from the United States to my knowledge as most people in the states would not select Los Angeles over other popular destinations such as Hawaii, Las Vegas or New York.

    Also for UK residents, enjoy a complimentary one-way upgrade to First Class* when you purchase a round trip Business Class ticket on a transatlantic flight. The upgrade is available on your outbound or return journey and you'll earn First Class AAdvantage® bonus miles on your upgraded flight. For more information, click here:
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