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  1. I made a reservation at an IC last evening and a popup hit the screen asking me to renew my ambassador status with a payment box. I am now RA and expect to be renewed as such and my year is not up until October 31. I tried to replicate that popup just now while making a dummy reservation but nothing happened.
    Needless to say I didn't bite on the offer.
    Has anyone else seen this?
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  2. no
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  3. Strange,
    I just made another IC res and no renewal popup showed this time.
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    Forget about it...Inconsistency is the name of the game at IHG !!!
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  5. good morning g, it may well be a programming IT issue, did you book through the same channel? a portal/travel agency or direct?
  6. Direct. I'm not worried about it as I should get automatic renewal but I sometimes wonder about stuff that comes from them
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  7. you can use an IATA code and get back 7.5% back currently, in the alternate with a CSP you can earn 5.35 points/UA miles per $ spent by booking through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal (3.21 point/miles) and 2.14 for using the card if you can get the US issued one
  8. only in the US
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  9. you can get the 7.5% cashback via PayPal using a US physical address, you can use mine if you need one, and get the payout straight into your PayPal account, i was getting 20% back this time last year:)
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  10. I will follow up with you
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    Weird thing happened yesterday, I get my mail and I notice a box from IHG, it's the same old ambassador renewal box they have been sending for years.
    I look at the address, because I'm not expecting a box, since I was renewed in April and already got mine.
    it's for me! I open it and sure enough it says congratulations on achieving platinum status. As a token of appreciation we upgraded you to ambassador status. (funny thing is I've been platinum ambassador, and/or RA for like 10 years .) The new card (old style ambassador card) has a date of may 2014, and the letter written on Priority club stationary has a date of 8/21/2013. The box included the luggage tag and a Weekend free night cert. good until 9/2014, but no code for the 5K or 10K bonus points.

    Anybody else get such a box???

    you think they are just sending out these to get rid of the stock pile they have. Which they sent a RA referral cert, that would have been nice.

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