Am I the only one that finds BofA a PITA?

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    Every other bank I can do most of my interactions with via SM. BofA is like pulling teeth. I've got a credit balance? Can you cut me a check please? Happy to do so sir, just reply with your address. Umm... you've got my address on file, why do I have to interact with you again, just send me the money!

    Cancel the BofA Virgin Atlantic card BEFORE it converts to a MasterCard. On purpose. Even move as much of the credit line over as possible. Yet, when I log in I see I now have a MasterCard. SM them to find out what the deal is, they explain how credit cards work. I ask them to please answer my original questions--the previous card was cancelled, what's this thing? They explain how credit cards work. Still trying to get them to shut the card down.

    In this particular case the card is for my wife, and I'm trying to avoid her having to make a phone call. She tolerates this hobby but I try and keep her interactions as minimal as I can.

    Anyway, is it just me? Every interaction I have with Citi, Amex, Chase seems to go so much more smoothly than every interaction I have with BofA.
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    I left BofA behind many years ago, after many bad experiences with their bank accounts and credit cards.
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    I know someone who had a large trust fund account with them and their investment advisors tried to sock them with a $10,000 IRS penalty which was entirely BoA's fault. They wrote them a letter saying something to the effect of, "We failed to file your capital gains on time and therefore your account has incurred a $10,000 debit due to an IRA penalty"

    Eventually lawyers were brought into it and BoA had to eat the fees.

    No joke, totally true.
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    I've found BofA's customer service to be mediocre at best. Most of the time, it's not too bad, but things are bad, they're abysmal. Their customer service Twitter is useless, always telling me to call. I'm tweeting you so I don't have to call, you morons!!! :mad::mad::mad::rolleyes::rolleyes: And their website has a propensity for crashing for hours or even days at a time. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Having said that, you will find people saying the same things about every large bank, or any other kind of large organization. You can also find people saying good things about every large bank or organization. Not everyone's experiences are going to match up.
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    I had a HSBC credit card that I was happy with until it was acquired by BofA. I had to cancel within a year of being with BofA due to one bad experience after another.
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    I thought I was the only one that had that happen to regarding the virgin Atlantic Amex. Smh.

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    BOA is a PITA if you need to give them a travel notice. If you call the number on the back of the card, after entering your info via touchtone, you'll receive a pre-recorded message that their call center closes at 5PM Eastern on a Saturday night--- that's after phone tree hell.

    So if you call again, if you call "to report a lost or stolen card" you then magically get a live person. After you tell them your card isn't stolen, but need to put on a travel advsory, you're transferred again.

    The whole process takes about 10 minutes to complete if it's your debit card.

    However, BoA has saved my butt twice over the past 6 years with someone that attempted to withdraw money from my account, or illegally use my debit card.

    The really do support customers in terms of fraud protection.
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  8. Ed Chandler
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    Simply put, ... no.

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