Am I Crazy? RTW in 4.5 months - Rev vs Miles Redemption options

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    I'm currently planning a RTW trip originating in NYC and ending eventually in SFO. Here's a rough itinerary:

    1. NYC 8/28-9/2 (booked andaz stay)
    2. NBO sometime between 9/2-9/8
    3. SEZ-AUH 9/11 EK-mistake fare
    4. AUH-DUB 9/15 EK-mistake fare
    5. KEF 9/16-9/20 ideally an intra-Europe award?
    6. LHR 9/20 (booked andaz stay)
    Several destinations in Europe (considering train, flights or driving from MUC for Oktoberfest) Would like to rent a place in BCN or BIO for a few weeks while it's still warm (til late Oct)
    7. IST/Bodrum if IST is still rioting
    8. CMB
    9. SE Asia (spent plenty of time in SIN and Thailand but would love to see the surrounding countries) most of November
    10. Some combination of SYD, DPS and TPE
    11. Return to SFO (my home -- for a week or so) parents live in HNL/ORD if it's convenient to tack on? Roughly Thanksgiving - this isn't necessary, but it's relatively difficult to get from Asia/Oceania to South America without transiting US unless on a OW itin.
    12. EZE - be based out of BA for another month with side trips to Mendoza, SCL and possibly the extreme south. December- Early Jan
    13. Return to SFO early-mid Jan

    Questions for you all:

    1) Is this too much to fit in? I'd like to have several weeks in either BCN/BIO, Southeast Asia as well as EZE, but don't want to sprint through this.
    2) Are there other destinations you'd recommend seeing? I don't really care for touristy landmark-ridden cities and am more likely to explore cafes, bars, parks, cooking classes, make some friends in mid-sized cities with a lot of culture and feel. Cities I've really enjoyed on previous trips: BRU, BKK, YVR, AUS, BCN, VIE, ICN, MEL, HKG, BER
    3) Decision paralysis to use miles or buy a revenue RTW ticket. Assume I have enough miles for any class of service on any alliance. Are there any sweet spot awards or products that I should be aware of, given the rough routing (fifth freedoms, ex-Brazil no YQ, three cabin vs two, upgraded interiors/products)? The products and destinations may be suited for a Star Alliance J ticket or One World F ticket given I'll be hopping around EUR/SE Asia/SA with a lot of regional travel, but can also supplement with LCCs/Avios/cheap flights
    4) I think the itin is timed well for the seasons in each region, but are there any weather concerns I should be aware of?

    Just some thoughts, happy to hear yours!


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