Almost half set off alarms in airport body scanner trial

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    TWO in five passengers who took part in a trial of airport body scanners, which are set to become compulsory in four months, had to submit to further searches after they triggered alarms.

    During seven weeks of trials at Sydney and Melbourne's international airports, just 57 per cent of the 23,500 volunteers undergoing body scans were cleared immediately to proceed to their flights, according to a Department of Infrastructure and Transport submission to a federal parliamentary inquiry.

    Cash, boots with buckles, hairclips, watches, jewellery, studs and zips were the most common causes of the alarm going off in the scanners, which the department has admitted proved slightly slower than the metal detectors now in use.

    Civil liberties groups say using the scanners will make departure security lanes much slower.
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    The false-positive rates are becoming more widely known now.

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