All-new business class on the Turkish Airlines A330-300 from Delhi to Istanbul

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    The differences begin with your safety instructions. Instead of the usual video featuring animated characters or staff, Turkish Airlines takes advantage of its sponsorship by the Manchester United football club. That's why you now have footballing icons telling you how to fasten you seatbelt. It's these little touches that add stars to the experience.

    After Turkish Airlines joined Star Alliance in 2008, the company expanded its fleet and flight routes three-fold. It focused on bringing leisure and business travellers to Istanbul on non-stop flights from across the world. I recently had the chance to fly in the new business class cabin from Delhi. While most travellers prioritise speed for inter-continental flights, Turkish Airlines' refurbished business class injects enough comfort and consideration to make you want to spend a few more hours in the sky.

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    I think the new Business Class on TK is a wonderful product - full flat bad in forward facing position. However, I dont have a good impression on the safety video with the Man Utd stars.

    The video is repetitive, in a sense that the Turkish version will be played first followed by the English version. This means that the same scene where the cabin crew welcomes the family onboard will be shown TWICE. This happen throughout the whole video.

    Secondly, the Man Utd stars featured on the video are shown to do all the WRONG things. Literally, the video will show the Man Utd stars doing what SHOULD NOT be done, rather than what should be done. Supposedly telling us all the incorrect procedures doesnt seem to gel with the supposedly "role models" these lads should be portraying.
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