Bug Report Alerts only reset if you click on the thread via the alert

Discussion in 'Feedback/Support/Suggestions' started by Wandering Aramean, Jan 27, 2013.

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    I've subscribed to a thread without email notifications. That means my "Alerts" notification on the top lights up if someone else replies. That part works great. But if it is "lit" and I read the thread via another avenue such as "What's New?" or just directly via the forum the alert doesn't clear, even though what it is alerting me to is no longer true as there is no longer a new post I haven't read.
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    I'm pretty sure what's clearing the alert on the top right of the screen is the act of displaying the alerts drop down, not clicking on an alert. That is, if you hover over the alerts but don't click a link, it will still clear the red #.

    With that said:

    What you're requesting is great- I would love for the alerts to be tied to the state of the thread that's alerting.

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