ALERT - citibank atm at international arrivals Haneda

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    I recently used this atm. About a week later a number of fraudulent charges were made to my card, all internet purchases, all within an hour (before the card started being refused probably b/c it is a debit card and I only keep a small amount of money in the account).

    The reason I am suspicious of this atm is that I almost never use this card, it was never out of my possession and never where anyone could see it. I know there are number generators, but apparently they had the exp date as well so that is curious without seeing the card.

    Kudos that fraud picked it up quickly, but neither Schwab nor Visa seem at all interested in investigating to see if the atm machine is comprimised. If anyone has had problems like this at this atm please post.

    I must say I wouldn't have been surprised if it was another country - but Japan was low on my fraud list.
    Oh and as a side note - Citibanks exchange rate was awful - it would have been better to use the live exchange people!
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