Alaska's New Board Room at LAX

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    (copied from my blog, lots of pics there)
    Alaska Airline has been very busy at LAX over the last year and on March 20, 2012 Alaska finally made their move into their newly remodeled home. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get an inside look at Terminal 6 and critique it myself. Today however I am going to write about the new LEED Certified - Silver, Alaska Board Room.

    The Board Room is conveniently located on the second floor of T6 near Gate 64. Each of Alaska's gates are a very short walk from the Board Room, taking a slow walker not more than 5 minutes to reach their gate. The location is also very convenient for those traveling on Delta, for the escalators to the T5 tunnel is located nearby and Skyclub members traveling on Alaska or Delta have same day access to Alaska's Board Room – and in all honestly I’d choose Alaska’s Board Room!

    When first entering the Board Room one exits the elevator and enters a petite narrow lobby. A high and long desk runs the length of the far wall where the club's attendants wait eagerly to check club member's credentials and help the airlines most elite guests with any issues that arise. When first walking in, the color scheme was tenebrous, but warm and I felt like I was situated in an Alaska Cabin designed by George Rockrise.

    After entering, the typical member will turn right and enter a large square room. Although lacking shape, the practicality aspect of the room is spot on. The room is divided into a number of different sections, which includes a small self-serve food area, a larger bar, and general seating area, and a small business center. There is even a partially enclosed family/kids room with a large screen TV and toys/games for the tiny tots.

    The chic mountain lounge theme of the Board Room is very inviting and can alleviate one's stress instantaneously once removed from the busy terminal down below. However if the ambiance alone doesn't sooth one's nerve the new bar certainly will. The bar is a vast improvement over the previous and appears to have more seating both at the bar and in the surrounding area. With a brick foundation holding up a large slab a granite, it resembles a fireplace and mantel. Yet, instead of burning wood, this fireplace is going to help warm some souls with fresh poured drinks, including the choice of four beers on taps, wines, and spirits.

    Once done at the bar, a quick trip to the self-serve kitchen is always a welcome stop on any trip to the Board Room. The galley here offers all the amenities that Alaska is known for. Including a self-serve soda machine, filtered water, coffee, espresso/lattes, a mini fridge with the typical offerings including yogurt and boiled eggs in the morning and veggies, cheese and salad in the afternoons. However, no Board Room self-serve food bar would be complete without the highly acclaimed pancake machine! One thing I noticed about this Board Room was the Kaladi Brothers Coffee is gone and Starbucks House Brewed, Ice tea and Espresso machine were shining brightly in their glory! Alaska inked a deal with Starbucks to serve their coffee on all Alaska flights in early February and it now appears they are creeping their way into the Board Room. I did dapple in the coffee and pushed a few buttons on the espresso machine, and out came a tall latte. Although the latte wasn't as good as one from an actual Starbucks Barista, the late was a huge improvement over the ancient dilapidated machine in the previous club!

    In the back far corner of the Board Room one could find the "business center." I am careful to call it a business center for this partitioned off area includes 8 seats divided by fogged glass partitions. Each seat has its own power (smart!) and plenty of room for a laptop and room for a binder, notebook etc. The space is nice, however the business center is only separated from the rest of the room by a 1/2 wall. This provides some privacy, however noise from the rest of the room is neither insulated nor padded. So those trying to make an important call or study hard should work their way to the two private sealed off with door phone rooms located on the opposite side of the club near the bathrooms.

    The rest of the club includes a general seating area, a few flat screen TVs, the children area and a conference room that can be reserved for $25/hr. When I first walked around the club I felt like there was a lack of power outlets, however the club manager Melissa quickly corrected me and informed me the club was over "70% connected." I then did my own investigation and found that once I moved a few chairs I found hidden outlets on the walls behind the chairs, on the columns in the center of the room, and under the bar. Alaska made sure no one would be powerless.

    Overall I would give this club 7 out of 10. Although the club is great and 700sq ft larger, it honestly felt smaller than the previous club at T3. This could be due to the seating area set up being square vs a "T" at T3. Furthermore there are no showers (If you're connecting from a longer flight on American, Delta, or Qantas, I would highly recommend one of their clubs for a shower). However, the icing on the cake for me is the view or better said lack of view of the runways. Unlike the Delta Club at T5 or the old Board Room at T3, the new Board Room offers a wonderful view of T7, United planes, and a slight peek-a-boo view of a runway.

    On your next trip to LAX, you should fly Alaska and enjoy Alaska’s new home! In doing so I would highly recommend a stop by the Board Room and soak in the ambiance of this mountain lodge at LAX. Those flying First Class on Alaska Airlines may access the club, along with Board Room members (starts at $295/yr), Delta skyclub members, or Priority Pass holders. A day pass can be bought for $45.
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