Alaska cruise: importance of two glacier days?

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    I'm thinking about taking some folks to Alaska on a ship this year. Most itineraries have one glacier day, usually Glacier Bay NP. I'm seeing a few itineraries with two: Princess's one-ways (Anchorage to Vancouver or vice-versa) have both GBNP and either College Fjord or Hubbard Glacier, and Holland has the Statendam (RT from YVR) making a brief stop at Tracy Arm (Twin Sawyer Glaciers) in addition to GBNP.
    The question: how important it is to choose two glacier days?
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    Glaciers are cool. (pun intended) However, since you really do not get closer than about a quarter to half mile from the front of the glacier, one day is probably enough. Although with two days, you increase the amount of time viewing the face of the glacier and might increase the chance of viewing a 'Calving' of the face where the glacier falls into the water.

    On our Alaskan Cruise we found wildlife watching more interesting than Glacier watching (not to put down the glacier watching, it is still neat)

    My suggestion is to look at the overall itinerary and the ship amenities rather than whether the ship calls at the glaciers one or two days.
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    This past June I was on a Royal Caribbean ship from Seward, AK to Vancouver CA. We did one day in Glacier Bay on the boat where I got pictures from my balcony. They brought the ship in and did a pirouette which allowed all sides of the boat to get a perfect view. We were at the glacier for 2-3 hours total. It was rainy and very overcast. If clearer these pictures would have been 10x better. Even so, I was happy with what I got.

    My opinion is one day like this was enough, I liked the ports of call as much as this glacier day and would not have wanted to trade in a port of call in to do a second day like this at a glacier. With that said, one of days had a port of call where you could hike, helicoptor, boat up to a different Glacier. So indirectly we had two days, but that day I went kayaking with seals and whales in the sound.

    PS. I would link to the pictures, but forum policy says I cannot until I have had 10 posts. I was hoping to post them so you could visualize how close we were.

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