Alaska Airlines Increases Minimum Check-In Time to 40 Minutes

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    Alaska Airlines is changing its minimum check-in time for customers traveling on most domestic flights from 30 to 40 minutes prior to departure, regardless if a bag is checked or not. The minimum check-in time for international flights remains at 60 minutes.

    The policy change is being made so that travelers on Alaska Airlines can expect the same minimum check-in time at almost all airports the carrier serves. The exceptions will be at airports where the check-in cutoff is already 45 minutes, such as Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Newark and Philadelphia. Passengers traveling from Guadalajara have a 90-minute check-in cutoff time.

    Alaska Airlines' longstanding boarding policy remains the same - passengers must be available to board at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time for all flights.

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    Makes a little more sense just by the #s. You can't check in and be available to board at the same time. Not even with PreCheck!
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    And how else will they be able to make "final boarding" announcements at T-28 mins after starting boarding at T-45 mins ahead of departure ;)
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    I wonder what Alaska Airlines will do for their passengers who purchased their airline tickets with less than a 40 minute minimum connection time. If Alaska airlines denies boarding and then charges a passenger $25.00 more to to standby for another flight, some passengers may be upset with this new policy change.
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