Airports Are Puzzled Over What to Do with Unclaimed Cremations

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    The lost-and-found items at Indianapolis International Airport are all over the place — sunglasses, paperback books with Fabio on the cover, a mint julep cup with the names of the Kentucky Derby winners since 1875 — and it all gets shunted away into a closet under the main stairway.

    There it gathers dust and is forgotten.

    One item, however, airport staffers haven’t forgotten, can’t forget. It’s a cardboard box the size of toaster. It weighs maybe seven pounds. Someone has written on it “PERCY COLVIN,” and in fact, the box’s contents would appear to be Mr. Colvin — his earthly remains, his ashes, a fine gray powder.

    The ashes, or cremains, were left behind in the terminal’s lower level, near baggage claim — in 2010. Somebody turned them in to airport officials, who at first placed them in the lost-and-found but soon transferred them to the security of the airport police department’s evidence room. They figured someone would come forward to claim the ashes. But three years later, nobody has.

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    yeah, that had to have been intentional....... how do you forget that?
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