Airport Private Screeners Would Save $1 Billion, Mica Says

Discussion in 'Travel Security' started by sobore, Jun 4, 2011.

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    U.S. taxpayers could save $1 billion over five years if the 35 biggest U.S. airports used private rather than federal security screeners, said Representative John Mica, a Florida Republican.

    The conclusion is based on analysis by Mica’s staff of screening costs at Los Angeles and San Francisco international airports. Screeners at the privately staffed San Francisco airport on average checked 16,113 passengers each in 2010, compared with 9,765 for the government workers in Los Angeles, according to the report.

    “What we have are various layers of failure at great cost,” Mica said at a news conference today in Washington. “Managing a lot of people is not necessarily running a security operation.”
    The analysis extends a dispute between the House Republican majority and the Democratic administration of Barack Obama over the expansion of private screening in airports. John Pistole, who runs airport screening for Obama, froze the number of airports with private workers at 16 in January.
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    Interesting. Even being a bit generous with the numbers, you'd basically have 5 private screeners doing the work of 8 TSA screeners. Private companies actually have an incentive to be cost-efficient and perform at a higher quality than government workers. The article also suggests that the TSA workforce is about 50,000 employees. This means that, theoretically, private companies could do the same work (assuming equal effectiveness) with about 32,000 employees.

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