Airport Food Continues Its Ascent At NYC's LaGuardia

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    Many of us can remember the day when eating in an airport consisted of day-old sandwiches, sad apples, greasy fast food, over-priced bar snacks, or a limp meal on a plane. But now, as the country gets more in touch with good food, and no longer settles for bland and boring, some airports are stepping up their gourmet game.

    The most recent development can be seen in the Delta terminal at New York's La Guardia Airport. Here, the space has been filled with quality restaurants overseen by head concept chef Michael Coury, who said he made sure to pick other operators who actually would impart the quality of their regular restaurants, in an airport setting. “The level of the chef needs to be no different than the level of the restaurant,” he said.

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    That's great news, as eating continues to be one of life's pleasures, beside flying, hotels and discovery of course!:)
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