Airplane slide inflates during flight, emergency landing followed

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    Imagine soaring 30,000 feet in the air when an emergency slide inadvertently inflates inside your airplane, sparking fear and forcing pilots to make an immediate emergency landing.

    This is exactly what unfolded on JetBlue flight 1266 Wednesday afternoon after the airplane left Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers, Fla.

    While on its way to Boston’s Logan Airport, a slide deployed in the front of the plane, forcing a landing at Orlando International Airport instead, WBZ-TV reported.

    Catherine Leonard, one of the passengers on board, said that there was “a big noise” before the slide inflated.

    “It was a little scary at first,” she said.

    NECN-TV has more:

    No passengers were seriously injured, though a flight attendant who was knocked over when the slide deployed was taken to the hospital with a head injury.

    Upon landing, the 73 passengers and four crew members exited out the back door.

    The JetBlue customers were subsequently put on a different plane and arrived in Boston Wednesday evening. Those on board were refunded for the flight and given a free voucher for another.

    This is reportedly the first time a slide inflated mid-air inside of a JetBlue airplane. The plane has been taken out of service while the incident is investigated.

    I'm glad everyone is safe and still made it to Boston. And a free flight voucher? Very nice from JetBlue.

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