Airplane Scare for Arizona State Coaches

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    A day after defeating Washington State, Arizona State coach Todd Graham and son Bo Graham boarded a small plane for a recruiting trip to Dallas.

    What happened next had one of them thinking, "Is this really going down?"

    Besides the two pilots, the Arizona State coaches were the only two aboard the plane. By the time the plane reached 35,000 feet, Todd Graham had fallen asleep. Bo Graham, Arizona State's running backs coach, was almost asleep.

    A "Boom!" startled them. The coaches recounted the incident:

    Todd Graham: "I woke up and the pilots were putting on their (oxygen) masks. The plane started shaking."

    Bo: "There were sirens going off. I saw the pilots put on their masks. It took a couple minutes for ours to come down. Actually, mine didn't fall down, so I had to go up front and get one."

    Read more here.

    Why does it seem like the smaller planes are so much more dangerous than flying commercial, or is it just me?

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