Airlines will charge you for data privacy

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by sobore, Dec 29, 2012.

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    After a couple of years mulling the merits of making you pay for a mile up Nintendo, the airlines are considering charging passengers who refused to hand over personal data.

    Global distribution systems that supply flight and fare data to travel agents and online ticketing services like Orbitz and Expedia, are complaining that airlines are stinging them for fee information in a way that lets them make it handy for consumers trying to find the best deal.

    Simon Gros, chairman of the Travel Technology Association, told AP that airlines are want to make sure that a customer does not know how much their ticket will cost until after check out.

    Now the Department of Transportation is considering whether to require airlines to provide fee information to everyone with whom they have agreements to sell their tickets. While that deal is being hatched out some airlines are asking the Supreme Court to reverse an appeals court ruling forcing them to include taxes in their advertised fares. They claim that that telling customers how much they have to pay violates their free-speech rights.
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    Not showing the all-in price up front is unethical. Not breaking out taxes, fuel surcharges and the like is also wrong.
    Commercial speech that does not include all expected charges could be considered a misrepresentation of the fare. If they win, how long will it take for governments to change the taxes involved so they would end up embedded in the cost of doing business as the corporate income tax already is.

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