Airlines to inspect 120 newer Boeing 737s for faulty pins in tails

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  1. Airlines to inspect 120 newer Boeing 737s for faulty pins in tails
    AUSTRALIAN airlines will need to inspect 120 newer Boeing 737s for improperly manufactured pins that could lead to a loss of control of the aircraft.
    Australia will automatically adopt a US Federal Aviation Administration airworthiness directive issued yesterday and affecting about 1000 planes in the US.
    The directive requires airline to look for and, where necessary, replace corrosion-prone pins that attach the horizontal moveable panels in an aircraft's tail.
    It takes effect in late May and covers six models of newer 737s, including those used on the single-aisle workhorses by both major local airlines.
    The horizontal stabiliser causes the nose of the plane to pitch upwards or downwards and the FAA warned that an incorrectly applied coating designed to protect the attach pins from corrosion could lead to premature failure.
    It said this could cause "reduced structural integrity of the horizontal stabiliser to fuselage attachment, resulting in loss of control of the airplane''.
    The FAA recently also mandated fixes by Boeing designed to prevent a severe vibration that posed a threat of structural failure in the tails of 737s and earlier this year expanded inspections and fixes for improperly installed bolts used to attach horizontal stabilisers to the aircraft.
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