Airlines meeting their passengers' expectations

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    Dear Sir or Madam, ​

    Please support me in finishing the MSc Air Transport Management degree at Cranfield University in England by filling in an online survey!​

    It is designed to investigate the performance of both full-service airlines and low-cost airlines in terms of meeting their passengers' expectations of in-flight services on short-haul (< 3 hours flight) and medium-haul (3-6 hours flight) routes. ​

    Do you have a flight planned in the next month or have you recently flown with either a full-service carrier or a low-cost carrier? Please contact me on the email address below and I will forward you to the online survey.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Milou Goosens
    MSc student
    Department of Air Transport Management
    Cranfield University
    m.a.goosens @ cranfield. ac. uk ​
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    Thanks for posting - it might be of interest on this forum. To better decide whether we should support this survey, could you please include the following details:
    1) Which agency or agencies fund your research? If you don't know, your faculty advisor should be able to tell you.
    2). Who wrote the questions and/or the answer options (in case it's a multiple choice survey)?
    Would you be open to let us contribute the questions, that we think are relevant?

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